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Registering iDropper

If you have a trial copy of iDropper you can purchase a license to unlock the full functionality. A licensed copy of iDropper will allow you to make as many droplets as you wish which will not be limited to a number of trial uses. Contact or visit our web site for more information about purchasing a license for iDropper.

Once you have a license key you can register it by choosing Registration... from the iDropper Menu to enter the registration code. After you register, new droplets you create will no longer be limited to a number of trial uses. Droplets made previous to registration will still be limited to a number of trial uses.

Make sure you fill in the email and domain fields correctly. If you have a problem with registration or lose your serial number we will need your correct email address to help you.

When you select Registration..., you will first see this screen:

Click Continue to open the Registration Form:

The iDropper license allows you to install on only two machines. If you want to move your installation from one machine to another, click Unregister on the first machine, then install and register on the second machine.

We have included a few questions to help gather information about our customers. Please help us make iDropper a better product by telling us a little about you.



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