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Notification is an important feature of iDropper. Notification lets someone know that new files have been delivered. This happens after the files are delivered. iDropper has three options for notification:

Web Script

A web script is a powerful option that can start a process on a server. Any server script can be used. Think of it like a browser form submission, as when you click the "Order" button at an online store. Use it to add entries to a database, or e-mail a status message to an account executive.


Sends a list of the files that it delivers. We call this list a File Manifest. The manifest will have the list of files delivered, and optionally have links to the files on the server.

Web Page

Opens a web page for your users. You provide a web page so your users can finish the delivery manually, get further instructions or fill in a form. You can also choose to send a UUID to the web page as a GET parameter.



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