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Notification: E-Mail Settings

iDropper has an option to E-mail a list of the files that it delivers. We call this list a File Manifest.

Below you will find the Notfication:E-Mail pane. Click the interface elements on the graphic to jump to detailed information about them, or scroll down to read more.

Send E-Mail when files are delivered:
When this box is checked iDropper will send an E-mail message to the address entered in the To: field

This is who the file manifest will be e-mailed to. Normally this would be you or someone in your organization who will act upon the information.

This is who the mail is from. This should be the person who is using the droplet to send files.

Mail messages should have a subject. This could be "New Files Delivered from Customer X".

This is the name of the SMTP or mail server that iDropper must send mail through. Normally this would be your mailserver or that of your organization.

Mail ID / Password:
Some mail servers demand authentication before they will accept outgoing mail. When a Mail ID and Password is supplied iDropper will try to authenticate to the SMTP sever before sending the file manifest.

A message delivered with the manifest. You may want to have a standard message that doesn't change. If you prefer you can choose:

Prompt User:
When this option is checked the user will be prompted to write an email message to send along with the list of files.


Choosing one of these options will make it possible, for whoever receives the email notification, to click the file or folder name to connect to the ftp server to retrieve the file or files. Beware that including passwords and IDs with the hyperlinks is a potential security risk.
Note: Some systems will not accept the "prompt" mode which includes the ID but not the password. IDs with "@" and other characters found in URLs may break the link

User Permissions:
These options control how the end-user may interact with the e-mail notification.

Allow user to see E-mail fields:
Select this option if you want your end-users to see the e-mail fields before the e-mail notificaton is sent.

Allow user to change E-mail fields:
Select this option if you want your end-users to be able to alter the e-mail fields before the e-mail notification is sent.


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