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Droplets: What the End-User Gets

The droplets you save are self-contained applications. They are set-up to deliver files via FTP by simply dragging files and folders onto their icons. The files are delivered using the criteria you set up in the iDropper application.

What the user gets
The finished iDropper droplet will have an icon like this:

Drop Window:
If the end-user double-clicks the iDropper icon instead of dropping files onto it, he can still transfer files just by dropping the file onto the window that opens up:

Job Info:
If you set up your droplet to show a Job Info dialog, users will see a window like this which they must complete before the transfer procedes:

Transfer Status:
If you chose to archive files before uploading, your user will first see the progress of the compression process:

Once compression is completed, your user will see the file transfer progress. The top bar shows the current file's progress while the bottom one shows over-all status for all the files being transfered.

When the transfer is complete the window will go away.

E-Mail Notification:
If you selected E-Mail notification and checked the "Prompt User" checkbox, your users will be able to add notes to the email message. The message will include these notes along with the file names:

Completion Dialog:
If you set the option to show the completion dialog, your users will see this:

When your user clicks OK, the process is complete.

Windows Droplets:
Windows droplets work in the same manner. Windows droplets require Microsoft Windows XP SP2 with .NET Framework 1.1. For more information, click here.


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