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Branding Options

iDropper allows you to apply your private branding to the droplets you create. This gives your brand a presence on your end-user's computer desktop, which can be a subtle yet powerful marketing tool. You can also create your own specific, branded help files and point your users to the URL where they can be viewed.

We've made the process as easy as possible. You can simply drag and drop graphics files onto the About/Splash Picture and Custom Icon boxes in the Branding pane. You can also perform this function through a context menu, which is accessed by control-clicking or right-clicking the boxes.

NOTE: If you are using a PPC Mac, you will not be able to create custom-branded droplet icons for Windows droplets. We are working to overcome this problem and hope to have a patch available soon.

About/Splash Picture:
Drag your about and splash picture to this box. When the user chooses the about option they will see this picture and copyright notices. If you choose a splash option they will see the same window as the about box. The iDropper splash/about image is a PNG file, 320x250px. For best results, use the same dimensions.

Custom Icon:
Drag an image for your icon to this box. Square icons work best (128x128px). Use PNG format if transparency is desired. JPEG format will provide better results for Windows icons.

Show Splash:
You can choose to have your end-users see the splash every time they use the droplet, the first time they use it, or never.

Drop Window Settings :
These settings allow you to control the message your end users see when opening the droplet window. Normally, iDropper uploads are accomplished simply by dragging files and folders onto the droplet icon on the end-user's computer desktop. However, some users may open the droplet window by double-clicking the droplet icon. When they do, they will see the window title and message that you enter here. You may simply keep the default message and title if you wish.

Help URL:
If you enter a URL, your users will have a place to get help. When they choose help, iDropper will open this URL in a browser. A URL should look something like this:




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